Campbell Reading- Native Advertising

Native advertising is something that is certainly relevant and extremely interesting. I thought it was very intriguing how the reading called true, good, native advertising as the antithesis of deception, when we almost always think of it as secretive or manipulative. I completely agree with all of the points the article made, and thinking through my favorite, or most persuasive, advertisements that I have seen. I found this list of top native advertisements very cool and interesting.

I think that native advertising is one of the only forms of advertising we will see in the future because the consumer has become so aware. This article, from, wholly agrees with Campbell’s points and expands further upon the idea of making a brand a story. The brands that I most relate to are the ones with stories. I work for Anthropologie, and I love following the URBN brand social media on Instagram and Facebook, because they often tell stories of their employees or share lifestyle content, not just ads for clothes. I think it is so extremely important for companies to get loyal customers, to tell their story as a company through advertising, not just sell their product.


One thought on “Campbell Reading- Native Advertising

  1. The article you shared was really interesting! It’s cool to see brands getting creative, such as Taco Bell buying the Snapchat filter, in order to connect better with consumers. I feel like companies are realizing that they need to work harder to create a better relationship with their costumers, and I think in the long run that will result in more happy, consistent customers.


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